Angela’s Story

Gabriel was eight years old, but very quiet for a little boy. He played energetically and imaginatively like all children do, but his mind, legs, and arms did more of the playing than his tongue. He spoke very little. His wispy blonde hair and soft grey eyes portrayed his demeanor effectively. His best friend was [...]



  A loud thumping sound could be heard as Josie tumbled down the stairs. Her basement was unfinished; it was cold and messy. There was a large flat-screen television on one end of the room, surrounded by bean bags and cushions. On the other end of the room, there was a desk on which sat [...]

Sea Shells

The sun was setting; the sky was painted with vivid orange, red, and yellow. Waves crashed over the shore, washing away the tiny footprints of two small children who were engaged in collecting sea shells. A sweet clinking sound could be heard when the children would drop their sandy treasures into their pails. The sand [...]